Amy and Jorge Velasco

My husband and I chose to work with Judy based on the recommendation of a friend who had previously consulted with her about purchasing a home. After just one meeting, we looked no further; we knew she was the agent for us. We liked Judy’s very practical approach and her sense of humor and we trusted her judgment and integrity at every stage of the home buying process.

We bought just as the market was beginning to get a bit more difficult and we ended up writing several offers for various properties over the course of our four-month search. Judy was very supportive of our exploration of various neighborhoods from Valley Village to Burbank and she was incredibly informed about every location we visited. She was very mindful of our various criteria, especially our price range. She was honest when she encountered something alarming in a property or, as was sometimes the case, in communication with the selling party. Some agents will try to close a deal at any cost but Judy truly had our best interest in mind.

When the transaction on our accepted offer was made difficult by the other party, Judy remained the consummate professional. It would have been easy for any agent to walk away from this deal but Judy was tenacious in getting us the house we really wanted and graceful under tremendous pressure.

At every step, we were informed. Judy explained to us the process as it unfolded and each document that we needed to sign.

We felt tended to at every stage of our experience. Judy’s communication skills are unmatched. As our hunt intensified, she called us not just when there was news but also simply to check in when there wasn’t any news. Her contact – and the personable spirit of that contact – reminded us that we were important to her.