Burbank Real Estate and Community Information

Burbank is a prominent media and entertainment-oriented community which prides itself on quality of life.  It combines both modern city planning and a progressive attitude with a small town feel.

Whatever your preference, Burbank has a home for you. Burbank real estate varies from pre-depression Spanish style homes, to post-war family bungalows, to huge newer mansions.  Burbank even has its own equestrian community! There are also numerous condo and townhouse projects.  If you’d like a little background on the area, please visit my Burbank History page. The years 2005-2006 brought a huge new development of loft-style residences in downtown Burbank including a loft project, the Burbank Collection.  It’s in right across from the AMC theaters and opened for sales in Summer, 2008.

Prices for single family homes:  Burbank is still one of the best deals around.  Prices for medium and smaller houses are still in the middle price range — an excellent deal for a city with its own services and excellent school system that’s close to the downtown L.A. hub.  Prices for homes close to the Bob Hope airport tend to be on the low side of the curve, while prices for homes in the Rancho area are on the high side.  Of course, the Hallston development on the hill has no homes under 3000 square feet or under $1.5 million.  Comparatively speaking, however, that’s still on the low side compared to other communites’ larger, executive-style homes.  In October of 2011, 35% of all homes for sale in Burbank were either foreclosures or short sales. However, most of the short sales and foreclosures have disappeared and as of late 2014, home prices in Burbank were back to their pre-recession levels.

Prices for condos/townhouses:  Again, prices are right down the middle, comparatively speaking, for the older condos and townhouses.  Many new condo projects opened in Burbank in 2006 – 2009.  The new units tend toward the high side, price-wise — but they also tend to be bigger and have newer fixtures.

Ever wonder about construction projects and other events happening in your neighborhood?

The Planning and Transportation Division processes many different types of applications for residential, commercial, and industrial projects throughout Burbank.  The planning projects map and lists include information about planning project applications that are currently being processed or have been recently approved or denied.

Planning projects map – Click on a project icon to display information about the project and link to its current status

Planning projects lists

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Sorted by project type (residential, commercial, etc.)

Disclaimer and Terms of Use: The planning projects map and lists are provided for reference only.  While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the map and project information, the information may be incomplete and/or outdated, and is provided without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantibility or fitness for a particular purpose.  All project locations shown on the map are approximate.  Please contact the Planning office to verify all information.

The planning projects map uses data provided through the Google Maps API and is furnished in accordance with the Google Maps API Terms of Use.
Energy efficiency in Burbank:  Burbank Water and Power has great programs for Burbank residents and businesses, designed to help you save energy, water and money.  At present, BWP will give you cash rebates when you purchase energy efficient appliances!  There’s also a free home energy analyzer service to help you reduce energy usage, and the “Made in the Shade” program offers up to 3 free shade trees.  And Burbank even hosts “Green” workshops!  For more information or to register, call the Burbank Recycle Center at 818-238-3900.  Visit www.BurbankWaterAndPower.com for more details.

In January 2008, the Burbank City Council adopted a Sustainability Action Plan based on the Urban Environmental Accords.  Burbank’s action plan addresses current environmental needs while keeping in mind the needs of future generations.  For details, visit the City of Burbank website at www.burbankusa.com and follow the link to the Sustainability Action Plan.

Free Shade Trees for Burbank Residents & Businesses!:  By providing shad and blocking out the sun’s heat, trees can cut the a/c use of your home or business.  If you are a Burbank resident or business owner who can benefit from shade trees, please call Burbank Water & Power’s certified arborist at 818-957-8196.  They will meet with you at your home or biz to discuss energy saving planting sites on your property.  Qualifying residents can get up to 3 trees and businesses can get up to 20, all for free!  If you’re a homeowner, this will save you hundreds of dollars.  The City will also compensate home owners for planting drought-tolerant landscape instead of grass yards.

More statistics?

Want more statistics? Please visit the Community Profile page.  See also The City of Burbank Economic Profile, published every quarter.  It’s available from the Community Development Department at www.ci.burbank.ca.us.

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