Best of Burbank

Welcome to my Best of Burbank page.  Please feel free to email me with recommendations for schools, restaurants, shops, businesses, etc. I’ll put it on the page and make sure I include your name!  Please also see my Best of Toluca Lake page and my Best of Studio City page.


It’s not cheap, but The Hotel Amarano (formerly The Graciela) ( has a hip, elegant vibe that has made it the top hotel for visiting entertainment industry execs.  The Library is the Amarano’s cocktail lounge and has a chic but welcoming atmosphere.

Restaurants and Bars:
Tony’s Darts Away on Magnolia Boulevard has become incredibly popular in the few years that it’s been open.  Tony’s features craft beers, IPAs and outstanding vegan and non-vegan food, too.  Go early or plan on standing!

Luna Vine on Magnolia is Burbank’s first wine bar.  What a welcome addition it is, too — 60 different wines are available by the glass, and there is a small but ample menu.  It’s always packed, so it obviously has become a “Best of Burbank” for many other people too.

Whee! Don Cuco’s now has two locations in Burbank.  The newest one is at 218 N. Orange Grove in Burbank.  This restaurant has long been a fixture in Toluca Lake (see my Best of Toluca Lake page) and is a very welcome addition to the downtown Burbank scene.

Yummy Cupcakes, on Magnolia, has been open since December 2005 and features, yup, a fabulous variety of different “New York style” cupcakes for sale.  It’s a great addition to the community and to Magnolia Boulevard in particular.  You can buy the cupcakes by the dozen, order them in advance for parties or just stop in for a single cupcake.  Their website with their phone number and address is:

Where’s the best pizza in Burbank?  Dino’s on Hollywood Way and Burbank is great, but I think the absolute best pizza is at Bella Vista on Magnolia.  Bella Vista has an old-style Italian restaurant vibe complete with Sinatra and Dean Martin songs as background music.  Aside from pizza, the restaurant has a full Italian-style menu and serves beer and wine.

The citizens of Burbank were delighted when Porto’s Bakery opened here in late 2005.  Porto’s is a great spot for either dine-in or take-out sandwiches and salads.  What keeps us all coming back are the fabulous baked goods — appetizers, pastries and cakes.  Porto’s makes it super-easy to order all this in advance and their customer service is wonderful.

In April of 2008, the Los Angeles Times named Taste Chicago in their list of the best Chicago hot dogs in the greater L.A. area.  Said LAT, “Excellent balance of elements makes this the most satisfying Chicago dog around.” TC is located at 603 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank (on Verdugo).

Quenelle Spoon on Magnolia is a brand-new bakery and ice cream store and its ice cream is out of this world! It’s beyond gourmet with fresh, seasonal ice cream flavors, popsicles, and baked goods.

We were sad when Teresa’s, our favorite breakfast place, went out of business.  But Talleyrand is still going strong on Olive Avenue and is always packed. That’s no surprise as the food is good and the prices are reasonable.  The front part of Talleyrand is an old-style coffee shop, and the back part has more of a dinner restaurant and a full bar.


Magnolia Boulevard, in the Magnolia Park area, has several high-end consignment and vintage clothing stores, including It’s a Wrap, Unique Vintage, and Pinup Girl.  It’s definitely worth a stroll if you like to shop.  Also, “Girls Night Out” happens on the west end of Magnolia the last Friday of every month. The stores stay open later, food trucks circle the area, and it’s just a generally fun scene.

Jewelry store:

Hendersons at 2829 Glenoaks.  This family-run store is amazing — the owners will remember your name forever even if you’ve not been in to see them for years and years.  There’s expert repair done on premises by Mr. Henderson as well as cleaning.  Ordering services available, too.  They also maintain a client “wish book.”  They will create a page for you.  You can then have them record pieces of jewelry you’d like to own.  If your loved one would like to surprise you with a piece of jewelry, they can visit the store, consult your list, and don’t have to guess at your taste!

Golf in Burbank:

DeBell golf course, of course!  Information, location and reservations can be found at For inexpensive fun, visit the driving range.  The shop manager will be happy to give you advice on their large selection of clubs which are free to borrow when you rent a bucket of balls. You can visit the putting green, too.  April 2009: the newly constructed clubhouse is gorgeous and its views are great.  The restaurant food, while unadventurous, is terrific, too.  Of course, there’s a full bar.


Castaway ( has the best view in Burbank, hands down — actually, it has one of the best views in the Valley.  This restaurant offers a great Sunday brunch plus terrific lunches and dinners on other days.  The patio can be really lively at night but is usually very peaceful during the day.  It’s fun to visit after a game at DeBell, too!

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