Melinda Utal-Martinez

I contacted Judy in September 2009 to begin to explore the idea of selling our house in Burbank and buying a new place where we could “down size” because our youngest child is about to graduate from high school. I have worked with several real estate agents on two previous home purchases, but Judy’s expertise was really remarkable. She was patient–letting us work through issues at our own pace–but her initial advice was always right on target; we came around to her suggestions every single time. She knew precisely when to assert herself, when to let us explore on our own, and she saved us lots of headaches and lots of money. We made offers on two properties but she helped us learn there were significant issues that would have caused these to be unwise investments. Rather than encouraging us to buy simply because prices were low, Judy really understood our situation and actually encouraged us to rent rather than make a purchase that we would have later regretted. She advised us on what we needed to do to sell our house quickly. We got a number of offers within a matter of days and sold the house for the price we wanted. It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend that anyone considering buying or selling a home work directly with Judy. She’s the best!