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We’ve worked with Judy for 6 years now. First, when we bought a condo in 2009 and just a couple of months when we sold said condo and purchased a house. Our condo situation was not ideal. It was unwarrantable and near impossible to sell and somehow Judy did it. It was a flawless transaction and I still can’t believe we got out of it.

As far as our new home, we had mentioned a couple of times we loved it overt he years as we walked by it all the time. She happened to be the agent for the people who purchased it years ago and mentioned it to us that they were looking to sell. Being that our condo was “unsellable” we thought it was a complete long shot that we would be able to sell it and some how get this new home. Apparently Judy is a miracle worker because she did it. We closed the condo and moved in to are new home all within days of each other. I cannot thank her enough for putting up with a very stressful me and making this happen. Then, on top of that she thanked us with a thoughtful gift. Judy is the real deal and she just basically makes shit happen. Thanks Judy!

Tan & Sa Nguyen

This is my first Yelp review and it’s going to my dear Realtor Judy Graff!!! Judy is an excellent agent! When my wife and I decided to sell our house and we were looking online to see Realtors’ reviews, then Judy Graff name came up. After our first meeting with Judy, we knew she was the ONE. Her experiences and expertise were absolutely unmatched. We had multiple offers on our house after 13 days on the market (six offers to be exact). Judy explained every step of the process clearly and thorough. She came to our home couple weeks prior on market to help us to staging our home and hired an amazing professional photographer too.

When the offers came, Judy walked us through each offer and she looked at them and advised us which one we should be considered and pointed out the pros and cons of each offer. We were amaze throughout the whole process how calm and knowledgeable Judy was especially when our house was in escrow. Judy will not be sitting around waiting for buyers’ agent and their lender to get back to her but she will go above and beyond to push them to give her an answer in order to avoid any delay in escrow.

She was very informed at every step, very professional. Judy always available and her communication skills was absolutely amazing!!! By the way, Judy has a good sense of humor too!!! Most importantly she loves her job and she is very smart (do not assume that every Realtor has this quality)

My wife and I are highly recommending Judy!!!

Danielle Richardson

We just closed escrow today and I couldn’t wait to recommend Judy! We had our home on the market with different agents in June and took it off because we were disappointed with the effort that they made. It was on for 60 days with 3 unsuccessful offers.
Enter Judy Graff! I knew after our first conversation that she would get the job done. She is professional, she takes initiatives, and has great communication. She is obviously connected in the LA area because it seems like she knows everyone and they want to do deals with her.
Our home had three legit offers after our only open house and went for more than the asking price. Judy advised us along the way and we fully trusted her.
She is smart and knows her business! Please don’t hesitate in calling her!!

Kerri Wong and Scott Toay

When my husband and I needed to chose a realtor to handle the sale of our home in Burbank we wanted someone who was familiar with the town, would make suggestions on what we could do to the house to maximize its potential, would aggressively market our house even though it wasn’t the biggest on the block, and would be open to using social media to reach out to potential buyers. We were familiar with many of the local agents but had not yet met Judy when I came across her San Fernando Valley real estate blog. I immediately liked her sense of humor and appreciated her knowledge of the local and national markets. I felt as though she would be someone who could guide us through the most important business transaction we might make in our lives. I sent an inquiry of interest to Judy through her website and she responded immediately to set up a meeting. When we sat down with Judy what we liked was that she was interested in our expectations and goals and she also took time to walk through the house on her own to get a feel for it. She also mentioned a few things she thought we could do to show the house to its best potential, i.e. staging. We had recently spent a lot of money upgrading the house and were averse to spending any more, but Judy had some persuasive reasons for why she thought it was important. She was clear the final decision would be up to us, but we did feel confident in her expertise (and ultimately had the house beautifully staged as she’d suggested.) Although we had some apprehension about signing with an agent we’d picked somewhat randomly, we can now say that we had a great experience with Judy. She kept us frequently updated, worked hard to build interest in our house, used social media to promote the sale status and held a festive Open House that made people want to hang out at the house. She made sure we understood each piece of paper we had to sign and kept track of all pertinent dates. The sale of our house was very fast and rewarding. In today’s market, you need someone forward thinking who knows what needs to be done in order to get an above average result; Judy proved to be that person for us.

The Ingalls

Thank you. Thank you…Thank you!!! You’ve been our angel throughout this entire process — we would not have found home without you. Let us know when you’re ready for [us to adopt you]!

Melinda Utal-Martinez

I contacted Judy in September 2009 to begin to explore the idea of selling our house in Burbank and buying a new place where we could “down size” because our youngest child is about to graduate from high school. I have worked with several real estate agents on two previous home purchases, but Judy’s expertise was really remarkable. She was patient–letting us work through issues at our own pace–but her initial advice was always right on target; we came around to her suggestions every single time. She knew precisely when to assert herself, when to let us explore on our own, and she saved us lots of headaches and lots of money. We made offers on two properties but she helped us learn there were significant issues that would have caused these to be unwise investments. Rather than encouraging us to buy simply because prices were low, Judy really understood our situation and actually encouraged us to rent rather than make a purchase that we would have later regretted. She advised us on what we needed to do to sell our house quickly. We got a number of offers within a matter of days and sold the house for the price we wanted. It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend that anyone considering buying or selling a home work directly with Judy. She’s the best!

Julie and Michael Nomoto

Once we decided we were ready to purchase a home, the scariest thing for us was not about the money or finding the right home. We were most concerned about finding the right real estate agent to work with. We wanted someone who was going to look out for our best interest, educate us and negotiate the best deal possible. We didn´t know anyone who could give us a referral, so we spent a lot of time going through newspapers and the internet searching for an agent. We eventually came across Judy´s website and found it to be very informative and helpful, so we called her up and set up an appointment. After our first meeting, we knew she was the right person for us as she was very professional and knowledgeable. Plus we liked her and that´s important because you end up sharing personal information and spending a lot of time together. She did a lot of “hand holding” and educated us every step of the way. We first met her in late January 2010 and closed escrow on May 4, 2010 on our brand new condo in Studio City. We´re truly grateful to you Judy and will count on you again when we buy our next place.

Bianca Sanchez

Thanks so much for all your efforts on my recent short sale! Your dedication and perseverance were excellent and gave me so much peace of mind

Gina Ghiglieri

Judy has been so amazing in helping me find my first home/condo! She was always helpful and positive with the whole process, even when it seemed like I might never find the right place for me. When I finally had an offer on a short sale property, she was so persistant with the bank, HOA company, escrow company especially when things were lagging on their end or when we hit bumps in the road. She would call them every day to check the status on their end and make sure they were moving along with the whole process. She made sure to always communicate everything with me that was happening whether big or small. All of her efforts paid off as I now own a beautiful condo! I would definitely recommend her to anyone! Thank you Judy!!!

Pranay P

I came to Los Angeles in 2009 and was renting an apartment in Burbank for the last two years. I finally decided to purchase a home but I really had no idea where to start. My cousin highly recommended Judy to me as she had recently used Judy to purchase her new home. I am so glad she did.

Judy Graff has been one of my most efficient, pleasant and supportive agents you could find. She really has her client’s best interest at heart. She isn’t your average real-estate agent. She explains everything in clear concise terms and also raises red flags when she believes the deal isn’t in the best interests of the client. She is also one of the most effective communicators I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with; all the way through closing and even after! You will never feel like you’re in the dark. Integrity in this industry is hard to find these days. I’m glad we found Judy.

And our new home is wonderful!